Emergency locksmiths in San Marcos - South Austin LocksmithThere you are. You are stuck at the locker door and no longer have the key because you lost them while taking sailing lessons at the marina this weekend. Darn thing will never come open. What a nightmare. This is so difficult to undertake. Especially at just 16 years old. And all of your thin friends are going to laugh at you because losing your keys and not getting into your locker is about the most stupid thing to happen to a Sophmore.

This girl ain’t gonna let no lock get me down!

HaHa! Not this sophomore girl! I am not going to let some measily lock on my locker stop me from achieving my perfect image. No way! That will never happen. I was born a golden arrow shooting through the stars above! So, what does someone of my intellectual prowess do? Well, I of course go on to YouTube and I start to learn that Master Locks are all junk and that I can open the sucker with a bobby pin. What’s funny, is I can become the magic princess with the power to unlock lockers. No one will know how I do it because I will hone my skills into a master ninja lock picker. Yes!

For now this all a pipe dream because I have to first learn how to open locks by watching 55 hours of locksmith tutorial videos. That is a lot of videos to watch considering I am supposed to be learning how to sail and to drive a stick shift car. I will watch these videos, but the pick kits, go get some real tutoring and become greater! Locksmithing is something that I am good at!

I really think that every boy and girl needs to know how to pick locks because what would happen if your little sibling was stuck in a lock box and your uneducated mind cannot do anything but panic because they are about to die a horrible death. That is not pleasant to think about but it could happen. In a case like that you could blast open that lock with either a bobby pin, piece of Coca Cola can top, bottle top sanded flat or a bent key chain ring. It is good to have several options available so that you can be ready for even the wildest of scenarios. Some scenarios may pop up where you can not get to the lock so you have to think in terms of pliers and reach arms.

I was sitting in home economics class the other day and people in there have no idea my plot to open all of the school lockers on Valentines Day. I thought that it would be hilarious because I don’t have anyone to send a love card to and this will be the way that I will do it. Everyone will be getting a love card from me and they will not know that it was me! Ha!

Update – I am getting good!

Garage Door Installation in South Austin - South Austin LocksmithSo, I have been meeting with this local South Austin locksmith for tutoring for the last 4 months. I can now spin a combination lock to open in under 9 seconds. I have been clocking my speed. This is a very fast speed. The South Austin locksmith that taught me even said that I was faster at it than he is. I am younger and my hands are smaller. That is why I am so good at locksmithing.

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