ON January 1st of 2018 popular South Austin locksmith made a statement to press that their locksmith business will be devuldging secrets of the locksmith industry in South Austin. This came to a shock to many locksmiths in South Austin who rely on the secrets of the Texas locksmith industry.

This article is to inform South Austin and Texas residents as a whole of the downfalls of hiring unscrupulous locksmith services in the area. While there are plenty of local locksmiths in the area that perform quality locksmith services and offer fair rates, there are other locksmiths who do not have this same moral standard.

What to look for in a Austin locksmith business:

Locksmiths in Steiner Ranch - Expert technicians - South Austin Locksmith1) Find one that has a license.
2) Make sure that they are certified.
3) You want a local locksmith down the street.
4) Follow them on social media.
5) Watch their YouTube videos.
6) Are they friendly and helpful?
7) Do they know what they are doing?
8) Did they answer the phone right away?
9) How many times did it ring?
10) Are there nice reviews of their service?

There have been a lot of complaints made to the BBB and to local government agencies. There are a lot of locksmiths in South Austin who have gone to the darkside and spam the internet with fraudulent deals to get business for their Austin locksmith services. You need to be on the look out for these locksmith services.

How will you know they are NO good?

Lock Installation in Cedar Creek - South Austin Locksmith1) Are they mean when answering the phone?
2) When arrived did they slur their words?
3) Did they wear a uniform?
4) How was their breath? Bad? Alcohol? Worse?
5) Did the job turn out terrible?
6) Did they cause “other” damages?
7) Was the price too low?
8) Were they too high?
9) Did they seem intoxicated?
10) Did they lie to you?

If you run into a South Austin locksmith service that does any of the above things wrong then you should report them to the local Austin authorities. You do not want these maniacs around town when there are so many better Austin locksmiths who deserve the business. You will find one. Ask your friends about their company that they hired. You will figure it out.

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