Car Key Replacement

Here’s How To Get Car Key Replacement Services Fast

We all know that feeling of panic and confusion that sets in when you realize you lost your car keys.
south austin lost car key replacement
Luckily, the experts at South Austin Locksmith Pros are here to help when you need fast, car key replacement solutions.Our automotive locksmith experts are available 24 hours, seven days a week and we have been serving drivers in your area for years.

What Sets Us Apart?

For starters, we’re local! Our trained technicians will arrive within 30 or minutes or less after receiving your request. We’re also mobile, meaning we’ll come directly to you, even if it’s right in your own driveway. Vehicle owners frequently make us their first choice because:

  • We’re licensed, bonded and insured
  • We service standard and high-tech locks
  • Our pricing is fair and up-front
  • We service all makes and models, both foreign and domestic

Spare Yourself A Trip To The Dealership

Avoid the hassle of going to your dealership and let us replace your stolen, damaged or lost vehicle key. When you call on us, you won’t have to worry about scheduling appointments during specific hours thanks to our emergency locksmith team.

5 Locksmith Services That Just May Change Your Life

# 1. Lost Car Key Replacement

We’ll safely get you back into your vehicle with high-quality replacement keys. Our technicians have experience with all types of vehicle locks, even the new high-tech and keyless entry systems.

# 2. Broken Key Removal, Repair And Replacement

A car key can break if you accidentally exert too much pressure or the key itself may be damaged. Regardless of the reason for your broken key, we’ll extract it and provide another one ASAP.

# 3. Transponder Keys

Transponder keys have a chip in the plastic head that sends a signal to a receiver located in the ignition. We have the necessary machinery to reproduce and program these keys.

# 4. Laser Cut Car Keys

Sometimes referred to as sidewinder keys, laser cut keys have a thicker shank (long, narrow part of the key). These keys also have a built-in transponder chip that will need to be programmed, which we’ll take care of for you as well.

# 5. Car Fobs

These keyless entry devices are really handy and sometimes easy to lose. If you’ve lost a car fob, check to see if you have an extra one. If not, call on us and we’ll produce a replacement and program it for you.

Lost Car Key Do’s And Don’ts

Do Retrace Your Steps

Retrace your steps and check your pockets or bag. If you can’t find your keys or you realize you’ve left them in another location you can’t get to immediately, give us a call and we’ll make a replacement.

Do Go Somewhere Safe

You may find yourself in a dimly lit parking lot or other potentially unsafe area without access to your car keys. If this is the case, find a safe place and call us for assistance.

Don’t Break a Window

There’s usually no reason to deal with the added expense of having one of your car windows repaired just to get inside of the vehicle. Stay calm and contact us.

Don’t Use Sharp Objects On Locks

Avoid the temptation to get the lock open with objects you may have on hand. Our technicians are trained to safely get you back in your vehicle without damaging it.

Bottom Line

Take the stress out of losing car keys and turn to the experts at South Austin Locksmith Pros. Contact us today for more information on our lost car key replacement solutions or to arrange for service.