High-Security Grade 1 Locks Services

Keep Your Property Safe And Secure With The Protection Of High-Security Grade 1 Locks

Keeping your home or place of business safe takes a lot of work, and part of it includes ensuring that the locking mechanisms are of the highest standards.

No doubt about it…

The type of lock on your doors and windows will largely determine how secure a residence or office is. At South Austin Locksmith Pros, we understand all these factors, and that is why we guarantee excellent services for commercial and residential high-security grade 1 locks.

What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering what difference it makes to have a good lock and to have a grade 1 lock. Well, to start with, there are a wide variety of locks out there with each one offering different levels of protection. Some of the different forms include handle sets, deadbolt locks and keyed entry knobs and levers.

The point is…

Grade 1 locks offer maximum security, which is a feature that most homeowners appreciate. These locks are, particularly useful on entry doors. Increased security means reduced risks of theft and illegal entry into your home or place of business. They are also built to last through the harshest conditions, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your locks after every few months because they damage easily from exposure to the elements. With our residential locksmith services, we ensure that you get solutions tailored to your needs, all at a price you can afford .

Why Not Just Do It Myself?

For most of us, DIY projects seem like a good idea… at first.

The fact is…

south-austin-high-security-grade-1-locksHiring a professional for your lock home and business locksmith services does offer many benefits, especially when you go with us. For one, security is our bottom-line. Whatever application it is, domestic or commercial, we have experts who can handle any job. With our superior skills and experience, you can trust that the right people have it handled. We also have the necessary equipment to carry out installations and repairs that will save you money in the end.

Bottom line…

We are licensed, bonded and insured so you are guaranteed to get personalized, high-quality solutions that will last longer than projects done by amateurs.

Other Benefits That Set Us Apart

Undoubtedly, South Austin has its fair share of professional locksmiths, so what makes us special?

To put it simply…

We handle every project as the biggest job we have ever done and, that way, we ensure each and every client gets exactly what they want. Our technicians undergo thorough training and stay up to date on the latest tricks of the trade to ensure you are never shortchanged when you call us.

Basically, you can count on our upfront pricing policy backed by our team of licensed, bonded and insured technicians. Plus you will love our 24-hour availability to handle any emergency locksmith situation. And best of all, we guarantee 30 minute or less response times no matter what.

True Or False – Lock Myths Investigated

Learning a few things about locks helps in making the most out of them, and a good place to start is to confirm or debunk some common myths.


Only authorized individuals can reorder them.


High-security grade 1 locks locks are designed for the most superior protection.


Locks have to be rekeyed for a single master key.


Prolonged use will reduce lubrication and accumulate dust.