Burglary Damage Repair Services

We Make Your Home Safer After A Break-In

In the event of a break-in or attempted break-in, count on the team at South Austin Locksmith Pros to restore your sense of security. When the unexpected happens, our local team of residential locksmith experts will be there within 30 minutes or less to assess the situation and offer affordable solutions and a sympathetic ear.south-austin-burglary-damage-repair

How We Can Help

Since we’re local, we can respond quickly to determine if your locks are still functional. Our top priority is to provide some much-needed peace of mind at an understandably stressful time. A licensed, bonded and insured locksmith will present your options and complete the work to your satisfaction.

We also offer:

Up-Front Pricing

24 Hour Availability 7 Days A Week

Full Installation And Repair Services

Know Your Options

Get New Keys

Following a burglary, we will adjust the internal workings of your locks and quickly provide new keys. We can also rekey your deadbolts, mortise, and any other type of lock you have.

Change Your Locks

Our technicians will arrive with an assortment of parts and supplies. If your locks were damaged in some way during the burglary or break-in attempt, we can:


Change internal lock mechanisms and provide a new key


Repair parts of the lock that are damaged


Completely replace the entire lock and its related hardware

Make Upgrades

Enhance your home or business security with cost-effective upgrades to more secure lock choices. We’ll explain the benefits of:


Grade 1 security locks and other locks designed to withstand break-in attempts


Companion hardware such as door chains and single-key sided and double-key sided deadbolts


Replacing older or worn locks as a preventative measure

Security Assessment

We’ll be happy to look at the overall condition of your locks to determine if there are other vulnerabilities you need to know about. A typical security assessment includes:


Checking all other locks


Discussing our findings


Answering your questions

What To Do After A Break-In

Contact The Authorities

First, make sure to contact local law enforcement. File a report and make sure everyone is safe. Personal safety is the most important thing following a burglary. Make sure everyone is accounted for and alright. If you don’t feel safe in your home, go to a neighbor’s house to report the incident.

Remain Calm

Next, take a moment to calm down. After a break-in, or even a burglary attempt, can be chaotic and confusing. Take time to collect your thoughts and get your bearings.

Make A List

Do a visual inspection to determine what was taken or damaged. Take photos to document the affected areas. Make a list of stolen or broken items, a copy of which can be given to the police and your insurance company.

Give Us A Call

Your sense of security is also “stolen” during a break-in. One step you can take to get it back is to have your locks repaired, rekeyed or replaced. Our 24 emergency locksmith team is trained to:


Thoroughly assess all types of residential and commercial locks


Perform burglar damage repair as quickly as possible


Courteously provide the reliable information you need

Trust South Austin Locksmith Pros to provide the prompt burglary damage repair service you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us anytime and expert local locksmiths will arrive within 30 minutes.