Electric Strikes Installation And Repair

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Expertly Installed Electric Strikes For Your Business

electric strikes installation and repair - South Austin LocksmithIf you own any commercial property including technology centers, industrial facilities, warehouses, convention centers, or even small businesses and shops, then it is about time you learned about electric strikes. And our commercial locksmiths at South Austin Locksmith are experts at installing and repairing all types of electric strike systems.

But first, you should understand what exactly is an electric strike system.

Electric strikes are a type of access control device used to replace the regularly fixed strike faceplate. They use electricity to move the latches, hence are faster and more durable compared to other door strikes. They are a standard component in commercial buildings that use electromagnetic door systems. Electrifying doors not only facilitates better access control but also improves the security of commercial buildings.

Are you looking to upgrade your security system on commercial property? Do you have door locks that need repair or replacement? If you do, then electric strikes are exactly what you need.

Get A Local Locksmith To Install Your Electric Strikes

While they are not new in the locksmith industry, very few locksmith companies have experience and expertise in installing, repairing and maintaining these types of door strikes. In fact, some companies hire electricians for the jobs. Though they are powered by electricity, they are not electrical appliances and are best handled by a locksmith who is adept in matters involving locks, doors, and latches. Therefore, you need to ensure that you hire an expert 24-hour locksmith like South Austin Locksmith for electric strike installation.

Advantages Of Electric Strike Locks

Electric strikes can be set to function as fail-safe and fail-secure. A fail-safe lock implies that in case there is a loss of power, the lock will automatically give way to allow people to exit the premises.

On the other hand:

Fail-secure means that when there is a loss of power, all doors will automatically lock and prevent individuals from entering or exiting the premises. Of, course you will choose a lock function that suits your needs and preference.

These features are compatible with a wide range of traditional locks such as the cylinder and mortise locks.

Benefits of hiring a commercial locksmith to service your electric strike systems:

You might have come across several DIY electric strike installation or electric strike maintenance. But, electric strike installation is a complicated process, and it is imperative to hire a local professional locksmith to do the job. At South Austin Locksmith, we have local technicians who are qualified and with 5+ years of experience to ensure that we take care of all your lock needs.

What we offer:

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to our staff
  • Access to top electric strike lock brands
  • Friendly and responsive service
  • Expert advice on all your commercial, residential and automotive lock needs
  • Security assessments
  • Mobile locksmith services
  • Comprehensive lock services
  • Upfront pricing – no hidden charges
  • Full electric strike installation
  • Thorough electric strike repair and maintenance services
  • Guaranteed quality lock services since we are a licensed, bonded and insured company

Choosing Your Strike

At South Austin Locksmith, we are more than happy to provide you with different brands and types of electric strike locks and advice you on which are best suited for which purposes.

Now that you know the benefits that electric strike locks have to offer, it’s time to get down to business.

Your choice should depend on several factors such as:

  • What kind of commercial properties or property do you own?
  • What level of security is appropriate?
  • Are doors single or double doors?
  • Does the strike require monitoring?
  • Do you prefer a DC or AC system?
  • What type of materials are your doors made of?

Asking these questions will take you a step closer to finding the best electric strike lock. Here are a few more things to consider…

The Level Of Security:

There are three basic categories namely light, medium and high. Light strikes often use AC systems and are used with low-cost door systems. Mediums have a holding force of at least 1,000lb with two to three years guarantee. High strikes can hold up to 3,000lb with five years guarantee.

The Type Of Door:

The type of door covers the type of material, single or double and interior or exterior. Note that electric strike locks are only applicable for inward or outward opening doors. There are strikes for timber, aluminum, steel and uPVC doors.

AC or DC:

Security is always important. Pick a strike that is fit for its purpose. Most low-cost systems operate on AC (alternating current). Consider your commercial property and the level of security you want to achieve. DC systems (Direct current) might be expensive but are more sophisticated, no buzzing sound and allow silent fail open and fail secure.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Electric Strikes

Electric strikes especially the DC systems are quite expensive and thus a huge investment. Therefore, you don’t want to have to pay for unnecessary electric strike maintenance now and then. Moreover, security should always be given the highest priority. Below are do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the strike locks world.


  • Hire professionals for installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Thoroughly research the different types of electric strikes to ensure you find one suitable for you
  • Familiarize yourself with various brands available


  • Don’t risk serious problems later on by attempting DIY hacks to make any installations or repairs
  • Don’t copy the electric strike design of other companies since your needs and property are different
  • Don’t limit your choices

Popular Electric Strike Brands

There are plenty of electric strike brands in the market and are suited for different purposes. Below are some of the top rated strikes we have encountered:

1. VON DUPRIN 4200 Series

This is a perfect for internal doors and suitable for traffic control. It features a field selectable voltage and fail-safe/fail-secure conversion.

2. VON DUPRIN 6400 Series

This version is offered with a center line and offsets faceplates. It is also 3-hour fire rated strike designed for perfect in-field adaptability.

3. VON DUPRIN 5100 Series

It is a medium-duty strike. It features multiple faceplates and hardware. It also has cylindrical applications.

Learn more about Von Duprin Electric Strikes.

The truth of the matter is:

It would be a smart idea to hire a local locksmith like us to help when installing, maintaining or repairing strikes. For quality electric strike services in South Austin and its surrounding areas, contact South Austin Locksmith.

And if you have a lock emergency in the middle of the night? Don’t hesitate to reach us. Our mobile technicians will get to you in less than thirty minutes.