Laser Cut Car Keys

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south austin laser cut car keysMany newer and higher-end cars now use laser-cut keys, also known as sidewinder keys, for added security. These keys have a central groove and a transponder chip that tells the car to unlock doors.

It’s true, Laser cut car keys are harder to make than regular ones because cutting the key and programming the transponder require special high-tech equipment and technical expertise. They are more secure because it’s harder for a thief to get a duplicate or pick the lock. However, new keys are more expensive, and not all locksmiths can make them. That’s a problem if your keys get locked in the car, or if the transponder quits working.

That said…

Many people don’t think much about their keys until there is a problem and they have to spend a ton of time and money going to the dealership. Well now, you don’t have to thanks to the automotive locksmith experts at South Austin Locksmith Pros.

You see…

It’s far more convenient and less expensive to contact a locksmith with the equipment and skill to make a laser cut key than to go to your car dealership for a new key. We’re happy to provide this service for our friends and neighbors in South Austin.

Save Big When You Call Us

With our emergency locksmith service, you can enjoy the additional security of laser-cut car keys and know that help will come quickly no matter what.

To make a point…

We offer mobile services—we’ll come right to your car when you need us.
Our response times are 30 minutes or less, rain or shine.
We offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We provide up-front pricing—you’ll know what it will cost before we even begin.
We service all makes and models of cars, both foreign and domestic.
Our skilled and friendly technicians use cutting-edge equipment for excellent results.
We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
We are honest and dependable.
We are local—we’ve been committed to serving the South Austin area for years.

Tips From The Experts For When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

Try out the following before calling us. You don’t need to spend money unnecessarily.

  • Make sure all doors are in fact locked. People have broken into their cars only to find another door was unlocked.
  • If your truck is open, you will probably find a cord or tab in the trunk’s roof or door that you can pull to access the car from the trunk. Pulling it will make the back seats fall forward, allowing you to crawl through and get your keys.

Note: the old method of using a coat hanger reshaped into a hooked rod to get through the door may damage the wiring on newer cars. Additionally, we do not recommend leaving your doors or windows open at any time; however, it can’t hurt to double check everything if you are in a jam.

south-austin-locksmith-pros-laser-cut-car-keys-informationWant To Know More About Laser Cut Car Keys?

  • Laser cut keys are also called “sidewinder keys” because of the groove that winds down the center.
  • The winding groove and smooth outer edges make them easy to recognize. They’re also a little heavier than traditional keys
  • Although the transponder chips used in these keys seem very modern, the Allies in WWII used similar technology in their airplanes so they could tell friend from foe.