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As an entrepreneur who runs a business, you aim for efficiency. A lost or missing key can interrupt the smooth running nature of your business and even result in property damage or lost earnings.

south austin office lockoutNot to worry, we provide commercial locksmith services in South Austin TX and the surrounding areas. We can get your business up and running with our office lockout solutions. Our technicians can help you in many situations, including after a key breaks in a lock or your employee is locked out of a company motor vehicle. We have the skills to open doors that are fitted with a variety of commercial locks, including mortise locks, deadbolts and profile cylinders

But that’s not all…

If you forget the password to your door or safe with an electronic keypad, our technicians can open them for you easily. We offer 24/7 service with response times of 30 minutes or less so you can get back to your day.

The Expert’s Guide To Preventing Business Lockouts

Some lockouts occur because the key no longer works. Check your keys frequently for signs of wear and damage. More important, keep one key that you never use in order to ensure that you will always have a key that will work because it has not been subjected to everyday wear and tear.

We Suggest

If a lock is loose or shows other signs of decreased effectiveness, we can service it for you. Quick attention to the matter can save you money in the long run. Keep a duplicate set of keys at work. You may also want to keep an extra set in your car or at home.

What Makes Us The Best

You’ll like doing business with us because we keep up with the latest technology in servicing commercial locks. This enables us to handle lock and key situations involving almost any brand of commercial lock.

Not to mention

We are a local business that is licensed and insured, and our technicians will give you upfront pricing when they arrive on your lockout job. When you are hit with an emergency locksmith situation involving one of your commercial locks that affect your bottom line, call us and relax knowing your business is in good hands.

Where It All Began

The First Locks

Locks are believed to have originated in Egypt about 4000 years ago. The first ones were made of wood and they were extremely large. They were placed vertically on the door post. Movable pins in the lock fit into the crosswise bolt of the lock, and when the key was placed in the lock and pushed up, the pins were released and the door opened.

The Arrival Of Metal Locks

Between 870 to 900 AD, the first metal locks were created. It is believed that Englishmen were the first to make them. They were just bolts made of iron with obstructions around the keyhole to keep thieves from breaking in. Wards or obstructions had been used centuries before in locks made of wood.

Locks Today

American locksmithing did not really take off until after the birth of our nation. Before then, American locks closely followed English examples. In the first half of the 19th century, Linus Yale, Sr, patented a well-received lock with pin-tumble mechanism. It was patterned after an Ancient Egyptian lock. He went on to specialize in locks for banks.