Panic Bars

Warning! The Lack Of Properly Installed Panic Bars May Be Putting Your Business At Risk

Ever noticed how most commercial facilities have a bar on certain doors? These panic bar actually ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Be ready in the event of an emergency with a durable, properly installed and maintained panic bar from South Austin Locksmith Pros. Whether you’re in need of routine upkeep or considering new push bars for your business or publicly accessed facility, our expert technicians will provide the solutions you need.

A More Detailed Explanation

south-austin-panic-barsSometimes referred to as push bars or crash bars, a panic bar is a device that can be used to quickly unlock a door during an emergency. They can also be used on cross-corridor doors to contain fires. They are typically installed in public facilities, including businesses, hotels and common access points in apartment complexes; and sometimes on doors adjacent to emergency stairwells.

Setup options include:

  • Exit only with the bar on one side and no re-entry from the other side
  • Movable keyed cylinder exterior lock access from the outside
  • High-tech setups with a push entry code reader
  • “Hold open” bars that remain unlatched during business hours

How They Work

When the lever is pressed, the spring mechanism releases the door to allow for a rapid exit. Placed horizontally across the middle of a door on the inside, the bar itself is typically operated by a “push bar” and a spring-loaded mechanism.

Why Consider Crash Bars?

The purpose of this system is to prevent unnecessary delays during an emergency. In some cases, OSHA regulations may require such bars to be installed on emergency exit doors for the safety of employees. Our commercial locksmiths can help you make well-informed decisions about the products you need.

Emergency Access

It’s important for any type of security device to remain fully functional. If you’re experiencing issues with your push bars, our local emergency locksmiths will arrive promptly to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs. We can also perform routine maintenance and inspections.

Got Questions?

Do push bars make a door any less secure?
Not at all!

They are installed on the inside of the door, so you can still have a regular lock or a high-security lock on your door with a panic bar.

Can panic bars be coupled with fire alarm systems?

This bar is simply an added feature meant to allow for quick exits from a building in the event of an emergency. You can still keep your existing security setup.

Can doors with a push bar be locked?

Some doors are designed to automatically unlock when an emergency evacuation is necessary and remain locked otherwise to prevent accidental use.

Local Service Makes All The Difference

But don’t take our word for it

A growing number of satisfied customers in South Austin and the surrounding areas call on us for their security and safety needs. Because our team members live and work within many of the communities we serve, we’re able to respond within 30 minutes or less from the time we’re fist contacted.

To make a point…

We offer 24/7 availability all year round. Plus we guarantee high-quality service performed by licensed professionals with years of experience. Also, we are committed to our fair and upfront pricing policy.

In short

From push bars to complete commercial security systems, South Austin Locksmith Pros provides the services and products you need to keep your customers, employees and inventories safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more.