Broken Key Removal Services

Broken Key Removal Is One Of Our Specialties

Have you ever found yourself standing at your door with part of your key in your hand, and the other part stuck inside the lock?


If so, you’ll appreciate our unbeatable broken key removal services. We are South Austin Locksmith Pros and we offer complete residential locksmithing services throughout the area. We help customers resolve key removal, replacement and repair problems, faster than any other service provider, allowing you to get on with you day.

And we don’t stop there…

Just consider some of the many advantages you receive by making us your local emergency locksmith of choice:

  1. Our locksmiths travel to your location at any hour of the day or night
  2. We maintain a policy of fair, up-front pricing
  3. You’ll appreciate our licensed, bonded and insured work
  4. We respond to every call within 30 minutes or less
  5. Our technicians will reach your location by the fastest route because we are local
  6. We extract broken keys from real estate and vehicles and make new keys on the spot

In short…

If you experience a problem with a broken key, call us. We’ll remove jammed or broken metal parts correctly so you won’t sustain unnecessary damage to your household locks or car ignition! Don’t forget, we also have an equally awesome automotive locksmith team for when your car key breaks.

The Benefits Of Calling A Pro

Professional locksmiths possess valuable skills. Our mobile team can correctly install, replace or upgrade locks and repair, remove or replace broken locks and keys. You will save money in the long run with our assurance that the work was done correctly.

Plus with our years of experience and use of high-tech equipment, our work is guaranteed to last longer before needing any maintenance or repairs. This may not be the case if you hire an amateur or an unlicensed technician. We value this community and we strive to provide complete customer satisfaction with our work!

Why Do Keys Break In The First Place?

Perhaps you’ve wondered why keys sometimes get stuck or break?

You see…

These metal devices will eventually wear out, often after years of frequent use.

Consider that different metals possess varying levels of strength. Although some well-made keys last for long periods of time, not every key contains the same level of strength. Additionally, a wide variety of different types of keys exist today.

Other factors to consider include the weather and simple human error.

What we mean is, when it is cold out locks can potentially freeze causing the key to jam inside. Most often, we see cases where people are in a hurry and accidentally use the wrong key.

Are There Ways To Prevent Keys From Breaking?

You bet!

To help maintain keys in good working condition, use them only for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, people in a hurry sometimes apply pressure on a key while turning it. Forcing the key into the lock or using the key to open a door (rather than relying on the door handle) places enormous stress on the metal. Bent keys won’t function correctly.

Experts recommend…

You should keep a lock lubricant handy. This is a great way to prevent a sticky lock from getting worse and causing your keys to break. You should also refrain from pressing a key if it turns slowly or sticks inside the locking mechanism. Instead, call us! We perform safe, correct key extractions. We’ll remove stuck or broken keys from the lock and replace malfunctioning or worn keys.