High-Tech Keyless Entry Locks

Make Your Life Easier With Our Easy-To-Use Smart Keyless Entry Locks

Have you always been interested in getting keyless entry locks for your home or business, but was concerned it would be too complicated to use?

Well now, you can have it all!

Get the latest technology that is easy to understand without sacrificing your security, thanks to the benefits of key-free entry locks and systems from South Austin Locksmith Pros. We’re your trusted source for high-tech locks and we are right here in your neighborhood


We understand quality matters when it comes to anything involving your home or business security. Fortunately, you’re choosing a local lock service company with a solid reputation for getting it done right the first time. We’ll further save you time and money by arriving quickly — within 30 minutes of being contacted!


Our customers can also expect twenty-four-hour customer service, fair and upfront pricing and expert craftsmanship by our licensed, bonded and insured technicians.

Prompt, Affordable Installation And Maintenance

We provide quick installation service and equally responsive emergency locksmith solutions. If your keyless entry systems or smart locks need to be repaired or adjusted, our local team will be there in no more than thirty minutes.

A Closer Look At Keyless Locks

Keyless entry systems or locks can be either a single lock or a series of locks setup to allow entry without a key. Car fobs are a common example of a keyless lock for vehicles.

What this has to do with you…

The technology behind high-tech locks has expanded to include practical and affordable solutions for home and business use.

Smart Locks for Your Home

There are many technically advanced smart locks that offer the combination of ease-of-use and style preferred by many homeowners in the area. One of our knowledgeable residential locksmiths will determine your home security priorities, answer any questions and help you make a decision that will fit into your bsouth-austin-keyless-entry-locks-for-homesudget.

High-tech locks for homeowners include:

Biometric fingerprint door locks: Since there is a one in a billion chance two people will have the same fingerprints, fingerprint recognition smart locks can easily make your home more secure.

Keyless deadbolt locks: Often including a keyed option alongside the digital keypad for added convenience, these deadbolts are just as durable as the keyed ones.

Keyless remote door locks: Forget fumbling with keys or remembering codes with these keyless entry locks that allow you to simply press a button on a key fob as you would with a wireless car key.

Keyless Entry Systems for Your Business

south-austin-keyless-entry-locks-for-businessesAt a time when security is more important than ever, our commercial locksmiths can help you make a smart choice for your business. We provide a wide range of keyless possibilities for businesses is South Austin.

High-tech locks for businesses include:

Electronic keypad locks: Operating without being hardwired, these digital locks require a code for entrance. Some keyless entry locks have an override option for use during emergencies.

Access systems: Using a card system, access systems control who gets into certain doors within an office building or commercial facility by limiting access to authorizing individuals during certain hours.

Electronic keypad lever combo: A setup like this allows multiple forms of keyless entry, with some employees needing to use a code and others gaining access with a key fob or card.

The Future Is Now

Peace of mind is also included when you choose us. As a local, we take just as much pride in our work as you do in your home or business. Call today to learn more about our keyless entry systems and locks.

Bottom line…

These days, we can even set up your locks to be opened with Bluetooth technology right from your phone. High-tech and smart locks are no longer just something out of a science fiction movie, and the possibilities are endless!