Mortise Locks

The Possibilities Are Endless With Mortise Locks

Don’t you hate when you have to sacrifice style for safety?

south-austin-mortise-locksWell, now you don’t have to thanks to the many benefits of high-quality mortise-style locks from South Austin Locksmith Pros. We install and repair mortise locks and provide 24-hour lock services for all your home or business needs throughout the area.

What we mean is…

A staple throughout Europe for centuries, mortises have a long rich history and a reputation as a uniquely attractive and functional lock. Mortise-style locks are set within the door itself in a recess or “mortise.” Unlike conventional lock setups, nothing is attached to the door surface.

To be more specific…

While South Austin is known for its beautiful surroundings and safe communities, we realize overall value is just as important to homeowners and business owners here. Unique features of a mortise include having larger bolts with a deadbolt embedded into the lock body. They are also:

  • Designed with a heavy duty interior
  • Able to withstand multiple operations
  • Available in a large selection of styles

Fast And Attentive Service Is A Given When You Choose Us

In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we’re also upfront about our pricing before we begin any job. Our 24-hour emergency locksmiths use a combination of proven methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable results.

Not only that…

We also offer non-stop availability, thirty minute or fewer response times, full installations, prompt repairs and replacements and cost-effective upgrades tailored to your specific needs.

The Differences Between Locks

If security is important to you, mortise and cylinder locks will likely be at the top of your list. One of our commercial or residential locksmiths can explain the advantages of each lock for your specific needs. While there are similarities, there are some important differences.


  • These locks are installed and placed into a pocket
  • They have a longer plate around the latch bolt


  • Cylinder locks are installed via the face of the door
  • They have short plates around the latch bolt

Security Benefits Of The Mortise

Mortises are designed in a way that makes it difficult for an intruder to successfully gain entry. Locks of this design have several different levers and notches, which also makes them difficult to tamper with or pick.

Installation Requirements

Not every type of door can be fitted with a mortise lock since there needs to be space for the internal mechanisms. A minimum door width of 1.78 inches (45mm) is required to sufficiently support the lock. The related hardware includes:

  • Lock trim (door knobs, lever or pulls)
  • Strike plate (lining for the hole)
  • Keyed cylinder

Get The Best Locks To Fit Your Needs And Budget With Our Expert Guidance

Have you ever found yourself being convinced to pay for something you later realize you don’t really need? If so, you’ll love our honest and upfront policy.

You see…

Our goal is to help our customers make well-informed choices by taking factors such as your preferences, security and aesthetic needs and budget into consideration when making recommendations. If you need service for existing mortise locks, we carry an assortment of essential parts to ensure repairs or adjustments can be promptly completed.

Our Promise To You

Our team will always fully and honestly answer all of your questions, completely clean up everything before leaving your premises and bring all of the necessary tools and supplies with us to ensure that the job gets done fast.

Simply stated…

Get it done right the first time by making South Austin Locksmith Pros your first choice. Join a growing list of customers in South Austin who already count on us for quality products and responsive service. Call today to arrange for service.