Access Control Systems

Why Access Control Systems Are Great For Business

south-austin-accesss-control-systemsMost commercial properties have areas where access is limited to certain employees. If you are a local business owner, South Austin Locksmith Pros has several security options that give you complete authority over the entry to these areas. Call us for a consultation to help you determine the right type of access control system that best fits your needs and your budget. We will give you up an up-front quote with no hidden fees and make appointments at times that fit your schedule.

The In’s And Out’s Of Access Controls

These systems limit access to locked areas to authorized personnel.

But that’s just part of the story…

Electronic access control systems come with all sorts of great benefits for you. They can control the times when individuals are allowed to have access to locked areas. They can also record when individuals enter and leave those places. This provides more security for your business, your customers and your employees.

3 Options To Fit Your Personal Needs

# 1. Passcodes

This option allows access using passcodes or pin codes, which are usually four-digit numerical codes.

# 2. Key Cards

This grants access to certain individuals by waving a key card or fob in front of an electronic reader.

# 3. Smart-Locks

The most recent option allows access using a smartphone or biometric device. Biometric recognition methods include:

  • Facial recognition
  • Retinal scan
  • Fingerprints
  • Hand geometry
  • Voice recognition

Not Sure Which Option Is Right For You?

No problem! We can help you select, setup, and maintain the Access Control System that is best for your business, and as your business grows, we can adjust your setup to fit your changing needs. Not only that, we will ensure that you understand exactly how everything works before we leave and we are available for assistance anytime. It’s time to learn more about our keypad lock services and our electric strike installations and repairs.

For example, if one of your employees forgets their 4-digit passcode, we can come by and take care of the issue in a matter of minutes.

How South Austin Locksmith Pros Can Help Your Business?

Our team consists of highly-trained, experienced commercial locksmiths. We provide our technicians with high-tech tools and equipment, so they can install and maintain your Access Control System quickly and efficiently.

In fact…

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With 24/7 availability and 30 minute or less response times, one of our skilled technicians can resolve any issues with your Access Control System without disrupting your business. We also provide you with a full range of commercial and emergency locksmith services.

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