Profile Cylinder Locks Service

How To Get The Best Profile Cylinder Lock Installation At A Price You’ll Love

south-austin-profile-cylinder-locksMake a smart investment with durable, high-quality profile cylinder locks for your home or business. The local experts at South Austin Locksmith Pros install, maintain and repair these secure and versatile locks by offering fast, affordable lock service options throughout the area.

Local Expertise Matters

It didn’t take us long to earn a reputation for offering prompt, affordable home, business and emergency locksmith service in South Austin. We employ expert technicians who are courteous, knowledgeable and committed to making each customer experience a pleasant one. We also stand out because of our round-the-clock availability as well as:


30 Minute or less response times, no matter what


Honest, up-front pricing policy


Licensed, bonded and insured local experts

What Makes Profile Cylinder Locks Different?

Available in different configurations, these locks are designed without edges and made with a heavy grade of metal. These design features make it difficult for a thief to pry the lock open or bypass internal mechanisms and gain entry. Considered one of the most secure locks available, these locks are ideal for:


Homeowners considering safety a top priority


Business owners looking to protect substantial inventory, employees and cutomers


Customers who have experienced prior security issues with locks that weren't durable enough to withstand entry attempts

Helping You Make An Informed Decision

We realize homeowners and business owners have many choices when it comes to locks. This is why our commercial and residential locksmiths will take the time to provide the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you. It’s a process that includes:


Respectfully responding to questions


Determining priorities and preferences based on needs and budget


Offering an accurate estimate

Get Help When It Is Convenient For You

While a profile cylinder lock is designed to be durable, there are times when any lock is going to need some attention. Because we’re available 24 hours a day, you’ll be able to contact us immediately for fast, attentive emergency locksmith service without having to wait until “normal” hours.

A Perfect Solution for South Austin Homeowners

South Austin is considered one of the safest areas of the country. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra peace of mind. Profile cylinder locks can easily become a welcome addition to any home while boosting security because of unique design characteristics.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

Can I repair these locks myself?
Due to the design, we recommend calling on our experts if any repairs or adjustments are necessary. Our team is trained to use the specific tools required to safely repair, install or replace all types of locks.
Would I be able to save on my insurance by choosing a profile cylinder lock?
Anything that improves home security is usually appreciated by insurance companies. Contact your provider for details on any discounts you may be eligible to receive for making security upgrades.
How much does it cost to upgrade to a profile cylinder?
We always keep our rates fair and up-front. Cost of installation will depend on how many locks you need installed and what hardware and accessories you prefer.

In The End…

Add value and style to your home with premium quality cylinder locks from South Austin Locksmith Pros. As a local company, we know a thing or two about Texas hospitality and take great pride in a job done right. Call today to schedule an appointment.