While trying to buy locks for your house or office, the volume of options from which you can choose can irrefutably be overwhelming. Various types of locks exist and you have to consider many different security factors before clicking on the “Order Now” link. This article aims to explain the different kinds of locks, along with their security features and capabilities. Though many types of locks abound, padlocks, knob locks, levers, and deadbolts represent the 4 most common forms. This article will focus on the first 3 types.


They are the only type of lock usually not attached to anything else permanently. They are designed in an array of sizes. Also, they’re among the most readily recognizable kinds of lock and are free standing as well as portable.
Padlocks are in 2 primary varieties: combination as well as keyed. Combination locks possess at least one number dials, which open the lock if you enter the right combination.

Also, they’re normally easy to shim open or decode. On the other hand, keyed padlocks have many options to take into account. We have both rekeyable as well as non-rekeyable padlocks. In the latter type, you cannot change the key which operates the lock; for instance, to make the lock employ the same key as that of your home.

Furthermore, padlocks can either be key-retaining or non-key-retaining. The key-retaining type doesn’t let the key to be ejected when the padlock is still open. Padlocks can also come with a shrouded shackle, which is an extension of the body in which the padlock’s shoulders raise up the sides of the shackle in order to make it more difficult for bolt cutters to do the cutting of the padlock.

Knob Locks

This type is often installed for residential use on exterior doors, along with deadbolts. Occasionally, they are employed as the primary security source for doors. It should be stated this type of locks should almost never be employed for security on external doors. The challenge is, the lock cylinder is located within the knob and not the door. In virtually all set-ups, they are prone to being broken off the door by using a hammer or can be bypassed with a wrench or pliers behind the knob, which totally bypasses the locking cylinder. If you presently have knob locks, you should try and replace them with simple passage knobs because it’ll offer virtually as much security once you use deadbolts on the same doors. When you want to buy complete knob setups, it is germane to make sure that the proper handle, as well as backset, are used.

Lever Handle Locks

These are used frequently for inner doors in commercial settings and are easier to open unlike knob locks because they’ve a big push down style handle instead of a knob, which you must grasp as well as turn. Often, lever locks are utilized when handicap accessibility is essential. Frequently, levers can be the target of torque attacks. These are excessive pressure that is applied to the handle while trying to force the lock.

Top Pick: ASSA-Abloy

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The type of door lock you employ in securing your home shouldn’t be chosen based on the brands trusted by most people. As security isn’t a popularity contest ensure that you select the brand which adequately suits your needs.