Getting drunk can be a ton of fun. Who doesn’t like to go out with a few friends and get a little tipsy from time to time? There is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, getting drunk can cause us to misplace things. In the midst of all our revelry, keys get lost and this causes some of us to make poor decisions.

Everyone likes to lose sight of their own abilities when they are drunk. Some of us like to think that we are master pickup artists. Others believe that they can walk in a straight line without wobbling. For those who lose their keys while drinking, the idea that they can simply “pick the lock” starts to take over their thought process.

This is not wise. For starters, the days of being able to use a credit card or a coat hanger to pry a lock open are long gone. The average lock that you find in the modern marketplace is going to have the proper pick proofing and you will be left outside looking foolish.

Is that what you want? Of course not. The same goes for those who will try to climb into the home through a window or some other opening. Sure, you might be able to pop a screen out and make your way into the house that way. But what happens when you drunkenly try to climb through the window?

There are numerous stories out there of people hurting themselves doing things like this. You could slip and fall going through the window and badly injure yourself in the process. Guess what happens when your injure yourself in such a way? Your health insurance provider is not going to look kindly on it, for one.

Do you want to be left holding the bag for medical bills that will take ages to pay off, just because you did not want to pay a locksmith? Of course not. That is why picking a lock while drunk and/or trying to forcibly make your way into the home is rather unwise.

The professionals will handle this task on your behalf and it does not matter what time of day it is. Drunk and locked out at 4 AM? No problem. A top notch locksmith will surely be on hand to help you and they are not here to judge your extracurricular activities.

They simply want to get you back in your home or vehicle as quickly as possible. Don’t let the drunken version of you create a problem that the sober version is going to have to clean up. Let the pros take care of everything for you so that you can sleep it off without a worry in the world.