Deadbolt Lock Installation – What to Consider

Lock Installation in Cedar Creek - South Austin LocksmithA deadbolt lock is a particular kind of locks that are safer than the old locks with keys. It weighs more than the usual locks and burglars cannot break in. The common types of deadbolt locks are the Single cylinder, double electric cylinder deadbolt and single cylinder with a removable thumb turn.

To get the best lock installation and repairs chose a reputable qualified and experienced locksmith. Residential door lock repairs offer a variety lock models and security types such as keyed entrance locks, privacy locks, and dead locks.

Steps To Follow When Installing a Deadbolt Lock

1) Reference the manufacturer’s model. The majority of deadbolt-lock manufacturers offer a manual to help you install their locks. The manual is designed to work with different door thicknesses. It also contains reference points that you can mark on the door with a bit. Place the deadbolt at least 6’’ above the doorknob.

2) Cut a hole for the deadbolt. After marking the reference points, drill two holes in the door using ahole saw. Stop cutting when the pilot bit on the hole saw comes through the other side of the door. To avoid splinters, finish drilling the hole from the other end of the door.

3) Drill a hole through the edge of the door. Using a 7/8 spade bit, drill a hole through the door edge. This hole receives the lock assembly, and the other hole accommodates the lock cylinder. Drill another hall in the door jamb for the strike plate. Tape the paper templates to the door and the frame to align the holes correctly.

4) Bring together the area around the faceplate. Dry-fit the bolt into the hole and check around the faceplate. Using a wood chisel, mortise the area around the faceplate so that it will be flush with the door. Stay mortising until the faceplate fits properly and drill pit holes before securing the bolt to the door with rivets.

Locksmiths In Cedar Creek - South Austin Locksmith5) Cylinder and thumb lever installation. Dry-fit the cylinder and thumb-turn plate to determine if the pieces fit in together. Install the exterior side onto the door first and make sure the writing is upright. Afterward, set the interior piece in place and align the screw holes with mounting holes inside. Finally, tighten the deadbolt in position using the screws.

6) Drill holes to secure the strike plate. Mark the end of bolts with paint and close the door while turning the deadbolt several times to mark the door frame. Using 7/8’ spade bit, drill two overlapping holes in the door frame for the dead bolt. Finally, join the area around the hole, so the strike plate flushes with the door frame. Drill bits and connect the striker plates with screws.

Deadbolt lock installation. Are you up for the challenge?

As you can see from this article there is a lot to consider when installing deadbolt lock. From the drills, saws and various other hand tools you can see that deadbolt lock installation can be very difficult for the novice. If you live in Austin Texas consider hiring our South Austin residential locksmith services today.