Did you know that a 2,500-square-foot home costs roughly $2,500 a year in maintenance costs? The rule of thumb is to plan on spending $1 per every square foot. It’s important to remember that lockout services are part of home repairs, especially if you need your locks replaced or rekeyed. And if you recently purchased a home, it’s a smart idea to replace existing locks, especially since you don’t know who has access to them. But what’s included with a home lockout service in South Austin?

Unfortunately, not every call to a locksmith is scheduled. You may accidentally lock your keys in the house or lose them while out and about, and need a locksmith to come over on an emergency basis.

This article walks you through the ins and outs of home lockout services in South Austin, so keep reading to learn all there is to know on the subject.

Benefits of a Locksmith

If you’ve ever had to contact a locksmith, then you know how beneficial they are. But instead of waiting for your locks to jam or to lose a key, it’s best to have a locksmith you know and trust ahead of time.

Locksmiths are specially trained technicians with a myriad of tools and experience needed to fix any lock-related issue. This includes lost keys, keys broken inside your lock, lost or stolen car keys, rekeying house locks, and even repairing door and window locks within your home.

If you DIY lock repair or replacement yourself, you run the risk of causing damage to your home, costing you time, energy, and money in the long run. Locksmiths can expertly install any type of lock and are licensed and insured to get the job done seamlessly.

They can also give your home a once-over, inspecting for broken window locks that need repair to protect your home from theft.

Home Lockout Service in South Austin Pricing Guide

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service, and many come out on an emergency basis. Several factors go into the price you’ll pay for home lockout services, from the service call fee to hourly rates and the cost of parts.

When working with South Austin Locksmith, you’ll be reassured that all prices are transparent. Although the dispatcher won’t be able to tell you exactly what your home lockout will cost, they can give you a ballpark based on what you tell them.

As a general rule of thumb, prices start at $29 for a general Service Call Fee, with labor and hardware tacked on to the price. Once the technician arrives, they’ll be able to better help you understand the full scope of work and what you can expect to pay.

If you live outside of the service area, you may need to pay an additional fee. On average, apartment or house locks are $30 and up, interior room or bedroom locks are $30 and up, and mailbox locks start at $30. For cabinet and toolbox locks, you will also need to pay at least $30, but safe lockouts in a home are $70 starting out.

Types of Locks

Your home may have any number of locks, all of which will affect the price. Here are some common lock types you may see in your home.


Deadbolts are usually on external doors. They come in three options: thumb-turns, singles, and doubles. They can cost as much as $200 and as little as $50.

Deadbolts are activated by thumb-turns or by keys. They’re thicker and heavier than other types of locks, are considered security devices, and have a square-shaped latch.

They provide the ultimate protection against a forceful attack if someone tries breaking into your home.


Padlocks are very common, and if you’re looking for tamper-proof ones, consider padlocks with shrouded shoulders. You can expect to pay as little as a few dollars to $350 for Squire padlocks.

A locksmith can help you open an expensive padlock that you’ve lost the key or combination to, so always call them before attempting to tamper with the lock yourself.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever locks are ideal for handicap accessibility. They have a large pushdown handle you need to turn once the door is unlocked. These locks provide an easier grip when opening the door as they stop your hand from slipping.

Cam Locks

You’ll most commonly find cam locks on filing cabinets and mailboxes. You’ll see them in various sizes and are opened after you rotate them clockwise or vice versa.

Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro profile cylinders are commonly found in Europe, although they are used in the US. They’re on sliding glass doors and dividing doors. You may see euro profile cylinders on sliding glass doors or dividing doors.

Knob Locks

The most common type of external door lock is the knob lock. They’re best used with deadbolts and are operated by a spring bolt.

Knob locks are among the most common locks available and are one of the most commonly used security measures for a door.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are common on glass doors as well as commercial doors. They’re expensive to replace so locksmiths try to repair them when possible. They’re comprised of a long metal bar that engages the lock mechanism for the opposite door.

Mortise locks can cost $350 to $400 for a replacement lock alone, not to mention the labor to install them, which is why locksmiths aim to repair them instead of replacing them altogether.

Locks on Furniture

Furniture locks are commonly found in home office desks and filing cabinets. If you lose the key, a locksmith can pick this type of lock or rekey it if there is a visible code.

Additional Home Services

Locksmiths can help with all kinds of home lockouts, from lost front door keys to broken window locks and everything in between. But they also offer an array of other home services to help prevent home invasions in the first place.

Here are some of the additional home services they offer.

Replacement Keys and Copied Keys

Do you only have one key for your home? You run the risk of losing it, but you can have copies made to give to a trusted friend or relative. You may even need a replacement key for a new vehicle.

Since key fobs can cost as much as $600 to replace, it’s best to have multiple car keys ahead of time, and a locksmith is often cheaper than going to the car dealership.

High-Security Locks

Contractors usually install cheap locks on new homes. Unfortunately, these don’t provide much home protection. But a trained locksmith can install new high-security locks, giving you peace of mind.

Remote Access Locks

Remote access locks provide keyless entry, and a licensed locksmith is the perfect person to install one of these. You can connect them to your smart devices for easy access to your home.

Safe Installation

If your home safe needs additional reinforcement, a locksmith may be able to help. They can also help you out if you lose the combination. A lot of locksmiths are well-versed in security safes and can help you secure them in your home or provide information about the best type of safe to purchase.

Broken Window and Door Locks

Locksmiths can take a walk around your home and check the integrity of your window and door locks. If they see something is broken, they may be able to repair it instead of having to replace it. This saves you money and protects your home from theft.

Seeing as there are 2.5 million break-ins in the US annually, you can never have too much security.


Rekeying is an alternative to completely replacing your locks. A locksmith can save you money with this essential feature, something you need if you move or lost your keys. They can even rekey your vehicle’s ignition key if you lost your car keys or suspect they were stolen.

If you’re worried about lugging around a ton of keys, a locksmith can rekey everything so you only have one master key for your home.

What to Look For in a Home Lockout Service

When hiring a South Austin home lockout service, it’s important to know what to look for. You also need to have a list of questions to ask, so you’re prepared for your upcoming visit.

It’s a good idea to ask these questions ahead of time and familiarize yourself with a company’s policies, so you’re not caught off guard when they arrive. Let’s take a look at some common questions to ask and what to look for in a locksmith.

Research and Reviews

Most companies have social media accounts or reviews on their website or Google. It’s wise to investigate these reviews before hiring a company. You can even ask for a list of references from previous clients.

South Austin Locksmith has transparent pricing and plenty of great reviews, so you know you’re getting a reputable locksmith for all your home lockout needs.

Questions to Ask

Since a locksmith is tasked with rekeying or installing new locks throughout your home, you need to know about some of their practices, namely how they accept payment.

Not every company accepts credit cards and some tack on a fee for this service. Some companies prefer PayPal or Venmo to avoid these fees. Other companies only accept certain types of credit cards, so ask them ahead of time.

You also want to know if a locksmith offers 24/7 emergency services as South Austin Locksmith does. You’ll want to know if there are fees associated with these after-hours services, and what they are. Do fees increase after a certain time or on weekends or holidays?

If your locksmith charges an hourly labor rate, find out what it is ahead of time.

You also need to ask about the type of ID they carry on themselves so you know the person helping you with a lockout is a vetted employee. Most locksmiths will arrive in a company-marked car, so be on the lookout for this. You may even get a photo of your locksmith prior to their arrival so you know who to expect.

Ask your locksmith what their service area is, just in case you need to access them when you’re away from home. If they travel outside their service area, be sure to ask them what the cost is.

ID and Licensed

Your locksmith should have a proper ID on them and be fully licensed. If you’re unsure about their credentials, you can always verify them online. You can even check out the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Since a locksmith is gaining access to your most valuable assets, always hire a reputable company you know and trust.

Home Lockout Service in South Austin

Whether you need assistance with a home lockout or a car lockout, South Austin Locksmith has you covered. We have the experience to expertly replace and rekey all your locks and offer competitive pricing.

Do you need your locks rekeyed after a recent move? Or do you only have one key and need spares just in case? No matter what service you need, we can help.

Whether you need a home lockout service in South Austin or simply want to get an extra set of keys for precautionary measures, be sure to reach out to us today to request a service call. We offer 24-hour emergency servicing as part of our South Austin home lockout service, so you’re never locked out for long.