Burglar-proof is exactly what the name describes, securing your door so that burglars cannot enter through them. Depending on the type of door you have, here are a few options:

Secure Hinges

Burglars can easily unscrew the entire door if the hinges are exposed. This may require the work of a carpenter or a handyman if you cannot do it yourself. Door hinges are the Achille’s heel of your door and they should always be installed on the inside of the house. If they are on the outside, you should try to have them replaced or you would need to secure them with non-removeable dowels so they are not exposed.

ReinforcingDoor Frame

Strengthening the durability of the door can be done by securing steel or metal plates on the door frame. This would make it more difficult for a burglar to kick-in. You can do it on the outside rather than the inside of the door so that the burglar would be stopped in his tracks when he notices the steel. You can secure it to either side or both sides.

Reinforcing Door Jamb and Hinges

The door jamb should be secured as well with a layer of galvanized steel which would hold the door more firmly in place if kicking-in is attempted. Ensure your hinges are properly reinforced like commercial locks would be, as well with long screws are only go through the door jamb but goes into the wooden studs.

Install Extra Bolts

You can install more deadbolts and locks to the exiting door, for added security. Use burglar prof locks that are designed as anti-pick, anti-snap, anti-drill or ant-bump locks. You should call a professional locksmith to do this for you though and the locksmith may even retrofit your existing lock with anti-drill pins.

Securing Glass Doors

To make sliding doors burglar-proof, you would need to reinforce the glass pane with a security glass film. This increases its resilience to being easily broken or shattered when hit with hard objects. Locking devices should be placed on the tracks to prevent the door from being easily moved.

Security Camera or Lights

Installing a light sensor that turns on a light when movement is detected, can spook away the burglar. Security cameras are an additional element that may prevent the burglar from starting the task of breaking and entering. You do not need to purchase an expensive camera set, a dummy camera can with as well. The burglar would never be able to tell whether it is real or not. Some dummy cameras even come with a blinking red light to indicate that it is recording.

Additional Door

Another burglar-proof method is to install and additional metal door at the front of your existing door. The burglar would not be able to kick-it in very easily and you can use heavier burglar-proof locking mechanisms on this type of door. You can also install a fancy wrought iron or metal gate on either the inside or the outside of your doorway if you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing façade.