Are you tired of picking locks with hairpins and paper clips, and are searching for other tools that are more reliable? In this article, we have provided information on some items you can use for some lock-picking issues you may face. These tools we’ll be talking about here are basic items that are common around us. People that have interest in picking locks as a hobby or want to get trained as a professional mobile locksmith, would need advanced tools which can be bought online.

You need to make an investment in more lock picking tools once you know the type that opens your lock most effectively. If you are able to know the issues with specific locks more precisely, at that moment you can start re-assessing your set of picks. Before we proceed to discuss the nitty-gritty of this write-up, you need to note that if you intend picking European locks for any reason, the best thing is to buy all lock picking tools that have a slimmer thickness. Now, let’s cut to the chase and examine some common tools for picking locks:

1. Rake

2 types of rakes are the commonest: a Bogota and L rake (or City rake). When you are new to lock picking, a Bogota is the perfect tool for you. When employed in the standard way, you move the item in and out of your keyhole in a quick manner. The second type, City rake has the appearance of a saw blade, making it look like the silhouette of a city. This L rake’s saw blade-like feature facilitates an up and down movement within the keyway as this rake functions to stimulate the biting found on your key.

2. Coke Can

To make this instrument, you have to get a soda can and a trusty knife. Here, you will be creating a shim. This item is ideal for many combination locks and padlocks that use key. To start, you will cut the soda can into a rectangle, and cut this shape into the shape of letter ‘M’. Then you will fold the 2 outer part of the M in an upward manner so that what you will get will be a short ‘T’ shape.

You have now created the tool; then the next thing is sliding it down the sides in the ‘U’ bar of your lock. Push this shim to the space that is in between the body of the lock and the ‘U’ bar. After the tool is down there all the way, then the next step is pulling it hard on the ‘U’. The lock will then open up.

3. Hook

This is another instrument that can be used for single pin picking. However, it is also useful in many other dynamic ways. The number of uses you can derive from a specific hook is dependent on your hook size, in addition to the keyway shape and size.

You can place a hook inside a keyhole in an upside down fashion — so the trough now becomes the peak — and moved up and down as though it was a City rake. Also, you use a hook for ‘bitch picking’ a lock by starting to pick the lock in a random manner, without paying attention to the pins you are dealing with or the way they are set.

Closing Thoughts

Other common tools you can use for lock picking include a half diamond, a case, a tension wrench, etc. As earlier said, these tools are basic items for picking locks. Certainly, there is a number of things that can be added; but these tools are vital if you are purchasing or designing a lock pick set.