You wonder if this is the right time to change your locks. Well, if it’s been a while since you’ve had them, then maybe it is. Here are 7 scenarios when you should consider hiring a South Austin locksmith to change your locks.

Scenario #1: You’ve lost your keys – You had been out shopping and you come back home to find out that your purse has been stolen. You had $200 in it and an ID card. Well, that’s gone – but what makes it worse is that you’ve lost your house key as well. Right, you have a spare key with the landlord, so that’s not a problem. But think about it – whoever stole your purse has your house key now. That person knows where you live from the ID card, which is now in his possession, and can break-in any time. Don’t take any chances, call a residential locksmith now and get the locks replaced. This is absolutely essential for your peace of mind.

Scenario #2: You have moved into a new house – You have moved to a new house, it’s much better than the one you had before. But who is to say that the previous owner of the house hasn’t got a spare key made? In that case, they can get into the house anytime, when you’re away. Don’t take any chances, have the locks replaced.

Scenario #3: Your locks are old and worn out – How long has it been since you’ve had your locks? 7 years? 10 years? Yes, you need to get them replaced at the earliest. Otherwise, there is a chance that the lock might malfunction and refuse to open; or the key can break inside the lock. Better stay on the safe side. Get the locks replaced at the earliest.

Scenario #4: You have had a divorce or a separation – If you have had a divorce or a separation, then it makes sense to get the locks replaced as your ex may have a spare key with them. For your own peace of mind, to ensure that they don’t enter the house when you’re least expecting, make sure to replace the locks.

Scenario #5: Your roommate has moved out – You had a dispute with your roommate and they have now moved out of the apartment. Are you sure they don’t have a spare key with them? Who is to say that they cannot enter the apartment when you are at work or school and steal your laptop and other precious stuff? Don’t take chances, get the locks replaced now!

Scenario #6: You have just experienced a break-in attempt – You should certainly change the locks after suffering a break-in attempt. Clearly, the locks have been compromised and must be changed. Otherwise, you can be targeted again by the same burglar.

Scenario #7: Your locks are not secure enough – You cannot afford to compromise with the security of your home. Are your locks as secure as they should be? Call a professional South Austin locksmith and get a home security audit done. They will tell you if your locks need to be replaced.