24-Hour Locksmiths In Lockhart - South Austin LocksmithEvery year, pets die of heat-related injuries after being left in cars. As a matter of fact, it can be both dangerous and illegal to leave pets alone in cars. Unlike outside the car, the temperature inside a parked car can be deadly hot with about 100 degrees. Sometimes the temperature can even reach 160 degrees, especially in warm months.

More shockingly, it takes only 7 minutes for the temperatures to rise from air-conditioned levels to 120 degrees. This alone can cause serious injury and even lead to death. In fact, you can lose your lovely pet within six minutes. Bear in mind that even with the window rolled down, it’s never okay to leave a pet in a car. There are hefty fines and even jail time for those who injure or kill pets by locking them up in a car.

To avoid accidental car lockouts with your pet inside it’s advisable to follow the following tips:

– Stay calm and avoid getting into a rush. Even if another driver is waiting for the parking space, do not rush.

– Always pay attention to the location of your keys. When putting your pet in the car, loading the boot, or taking a phone call, try as much as possible to focus on where you put your keys.

– Do not leave keys inside the car or bag. It is best to always keep your keys in a cloth pocket when not in use.

– When moving away from the car or packing the boot, always remember to leave the driver window down or door ajar.

What to do when you accidentally lock your pet in the car:

Accidentally locking pets in the car is one of the biggest mistakes many car owners make when they go out with their pets. On hot days, entrapped pets can be at risk of getting dehydrated which can even lead to death in some cases. This alone can be terrifying for both pets and pet owners. Here is what you need to do when you need a car lockout service.

– If your pet is locked up in a hot car, then you need to call for an urgent help. You can get urgent assistance from the police by calling 911.

– Call for a vet doctor who will get to you as urgently as possible if it’s already a critical situation.

– Don’t hesitate to break a window to get the pet out especially when it is becoming a life-and-death situation. It is advisable to break the window that is furthest away from the pet, so as not to cause more harm or danger to the pet.

As a matter of urgency, the police will always respond quickly to rescue your pet when you make a distress call. And most car lockout services offer free services for when pets are locked inside of vehicles.