residential security audits in south AustinHave you ever been on vacation and found yourself wondering if your home was secure? Perhaps you have been burglarized in the past and worry too much if your valuables and home are secure?

Leave it to the professionals to provide you with a security audit.

Most locksmiths offer security audits. Security audits help to ensure that your home is secure. The audit will cover every entry point into your home and some things that you have not even thought about.

11 Aspects Of Professional Security Audits

1. Front door locks checked for security
2. Windows checked for security
3. Roofs checked for potential entry points
4. Skylights checked for full security
5. Basements checked for security
6. Sheds on the property checked
7. Garage checked for maximum protection
8. Outside perimeter check
9. Gates checked for full security
10. See if flood lights are installed
11. Check alarm installation

Why take the risk that your home will be susceptible to thieves? You deserve complete peace of mind, and that can come a whole lot easier by getting a professional locksmith company to perform a free security audit.

There is quite possibly no easier way to give ensure the safety and security of your property. In less than 1 hour you will have a full list of corrective measures that you can use to get your home up to par and to feel safe again.

With just a few simple improvements you can secure your home and steer burglars away. Best of all, most of the measures that can be taken to secure your home are low cost. – For just a couple of bucks and a little effort, you can be more secure than ever.

Low-cost improvements easily made to your home!

Are you willing to risk your family’s safety for a couple low-cost improvements that can be easily made to you home? – Probably not. Why not get a home security audit? It’s free!
If you live in the area than you will be happy to know that we offer free home security audits to the people within the community. All across town, we help people just like you to relax and feel good knowing that their home is secure.

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