You leave your home in a rush, trying to get to work on time and hopeful that you’ll miss the Austin traffic. Halfway there, you can’t remember if you locked all of the doors. You know the front door is locked, but did you lock the back door back up after you took your pet outside?

Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window, and 34% of burglars enter through the front door. With one of the top coded front door locks, there is no more need to worry about if you locked every door behind you. 

You deserve the best security whether it is for your home or business. Smart locks allow you to remotely secure your home or business when you leave. If smart locks are not manufactured correctly, they can be vulnerable, so it is important to shop for the best. 

Here are 10 of the best coded front door locks you can buy.

1. August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock third generation offers easy installation and functionality. The lock is sleek, secure, and simple to learn to use. 

This lock is not only better than its previous models, but it also has a lower cost as well. It is one of the best smart door locks available today because of its price, function, and design. 

This coded front door lock brings new age and traditional together because it includes a turn lock to unlock and lock the door. This model can fit over your existing deadbolt. 

Compared to its other models, the third-generation is slimmer and taller. This makes the lock work better on doors that have glazed panels.

Even though the price is lower than other models, this model still uses the same high-quality materials.

2. Nest X Yale

This lock is the best-coded front door lock that pairs with Google Home. 

Lost your house key? No worries! With the Next X Yale, you don’t need a physical key because it uses a keypad lock. This smart door lock was made to work seamlessly with Google Assistant. 

Hence the name, this lock is a product of Next and Yale. This aesthetically pleasing touchscreen keypad replaces the traditional lock. The lock requires four AA batteries that should last at least one year before needing to be replaced. 

The homeowner or business owner will choose a passcode that unlocks the door. You are also able to use an app to unlock the door. 

This coded front door lock can automatically lock the door for the duration of your choosing. There is also a home/away feature that will also lock the door automatically. 

Voice control can be used from the Google Home to the Nest X Yale. You can check the status of your lock anytime, so you don’t have to worry if you locked the door.

3. Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure Lock SL combines a sleek look with an easy to use lock. This coded front door lock is the best smart lock to connect with Apple Homekit. 

It’s time to throw out the traditional bulky front door lock. This smart door lock will excite you with its small size and stylish look. 

Since it can be paired with Apple Homekit, Siri can lock and unlock the door for you. You can receive notifications about your front door lock with the downloadable app. Through this app, you can also manage your pin codes.

The lock is blank until the bottom left corner is pressed and illuminates the keypad. Whether it is night time or a bright sunny day, the keypad is easily visible. 

4. Schlage Encoded

Schlage is a reputable company known for its well-made hardware. This company has been around before a smart lock was invented. The best companies are those who can adapt to changing times, and that is exactly what Schlage did. 

They are now known as one of the best companies for coded front door locks. 

The design of Schlage Encoded is easy on the eye. Not only that, but it works well with Alexa among other things. You can pair it with the Schlafe Home app.

This lock has a touchscreen keypad and traditional key access. To unlock the door, a pin code of your choosing is required. The door can be locked with a one-touch button. 

It comes with integrated Wi-Fi right out of the box and remote access. 

5. Lockly Secure Pro 

Lockly Secure Pro is used by Airbnbs because it can generate temporary codes. Austin is a huge market for Airbnb. This smart door lock can be beneficial to homeowners, business owners, and those who rent out places.

With this coded front door lock, users can choose from a variety of options to grant access. Not only does it have an abundance of features, it’s one of the most advanced smart locks. 

Features of the Lockly Secure Pro include a fingerprint sensor, touchscreen keypad, and the ability to lock and unlocks using Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Temporary guests can be given key codes that won’t last. These codes are time-sensitive to ensure security. 

The app tracks everything for this lock, including what method was used to unlock the lock. Although it offers a keypad, it also opens with a traditional key. It will automatically lock itself if you forget to do it.

The package comes with a hub and door sensor. Lockly Secure Pro has two different versions to choose from, the deadbolt version or the latch version.

6. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

SimpliSafe Smart Lock is one of the best coded front door locks because it gives you options on controlling the lock. Have it the way you want it. You can use the keypad, key fob, or your smartphone with the app. 

This lock works with almost all standard door locks, deadbolt, or keys. 

The lock has been tested to ensure that damage does not happen to your door. The deadbolt is not extended until the door is tightly shut. 

This lock comes in multiple finishes that you can match with your door. 

This smart door lock is that it can use Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands to lock and unlock the door. Other features include having multiple ways to lock and unlock the door, and automatically locking when the system is armed after a set timer. 

You will be notified if someone enters the wrong pin five times. If the intruder attempts 15 times, the smart lock automatically locks your home or business for 30 minutes. The company monitors these instances and will dispatch the police if there is a break-in. 

Alerts will come to your phone when anyone locks or unlocks the door. 

7. ADT Smart Lock

ADT Smart Lock is one of the best because it offers programmable locking, keyless entry, and alerts when people come and go. It also includes a bump guard which is used to stop burglars that try to tamper with your lock. 

The ADT app allows you to lock and unlock the door when needed. If you use ADT security cameras for your home or business, you can use the app to monitor activity. The app will give you live alerts for when the status of your lock changes. 

Virtual key combinations can be created for family members and contractors. You can also set up emergency automation. The one-touch button makes securely locking your door quick and simple.

This coded front door lock uses nighttime illumination. This way you can see the buttons clearly during later hours. 

8. Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt

Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt has earned its place on the best smart locks list because it offers a lot of security. 

The code of your choosing will unlock the door with just a few button pushes. It only takes one button to lock the door. Even though it can be unlocked using a traditional key, the keyless entry option is easier. 

With Kwikset Electronic Deadbolts, you can create up to 16 entry keycodes.

Using Home Connect technology, you can check your lock from anywhere. There is no need to worry about losing your key or forgetting to lock your door.

App access to your lock can give you a greater sense of peace of mind. It can be used on any device that has an internet connection. 

Through this app, you can monitor people going in and out of your home or business. When your loved ones have arrived at home you will receive a notification. When someone enters your place of business with the code, you will be notified. 

This smart door lock will work with your home automation controller, allowing users to set-up scenes and trigger events. 

Kwikset offers Electronic Deadbolts without wireless connectivity. This could be useful for those only wanting a simple keyless entry door lock. With these options, you can find the smart lock that is made for your life. 

9. Ultraloq Smart Lock

The Ultraloq Smart Lock offers something most smart locks do not. It uses low-power consumption so that the battery life is extended. It can work up to 8,000 lock access times. 

When the battery does run low, you will receive a mobile alert. This is a convenient way to remember to change out the battery. You won’t have to guess when your lock battery is about to die. 

This coded front door lock provides five keyless entry options. These options include the app on your smartphone, entry code, and fingerprint recognition. 

You can create up to 95 different keyless entry codes with this lock. The touchscreen easily allows you to put in your code.

Smart lock activity can be reviewed through your smartphone. You can also control codes and check that your door is locked. 

This lock also gives you the option of a lever, deadbolt, or lever + deadbolt. A Wi-Fi adaptor is included in the models. 

This lock strives to be truly keyless. You can just shake your phone or knock on your phone to unlock the door, even when it is in your pocket. 

Other features of this smart lock include an anti-peep touchscreen, a hidden backup key, and a solid and weather-resistant design. 

10. Samsung Digital Door Lock

The Samsung Digital Door Lock allows you to make 21 entry codes for those you want entering your home. 

This smart door lock can auto-lock and includes a double-locking feature for an extra level of security. It also automatically alarms the inside of the business or home when the lock is messed with. With anti-theft mode, a warning sound goes off when the lock is being tampered with.

It has quick and easy scanning because it used radio frequency identification (RFID). This feature allows an RF card or key tag use. The lock accommodates the user by offering a variety of access methods. 

Before the pin is entered, you have to enter two numbers. This feature was made to confuse lurking burglars by preventing them to get the code correctly by checking the fingerprints. 

This lock can also prevent intrusion in other ways. When the open button is pressed, it will not open the door if there is no one inside. If the sensor detects movement on the inside, it can be opened. 

This feature helps prevent burglaries from occurring when you are not home. 

This coded front door lock has a double latch that is easy to install. It also offers keypad volume control that allows you to adjust the volume of your digital door lock. 

Get One of the Best Coded Front Door Locks Today!

Buy one of these top 10 coded front door locks today and your business and home security will never be a question again. 

Start by requesting a service with a locksmith who can install your new smart lock or repair the one you already own.