Most of the times, the thing we keep in our home safe are the same things that are not supposed to be there in the first place. These things include documents that rarely need to be stored, inventoried valuables and large sums of cash. But are these things supposed to be kept in the home safe? Here is a list of items to store and the ones not to store in your safe.
Certain documents
There are certain documents like passports, social security cards and insurance policies that should be kept in the home safe. These documents must be present in case of an emergency meaning they should be easily accessed when needed.
The original copy of your will
Always make sure your will is kept in the home safe. Most home safes are fireproof meaning your will is well-protected. You will also access your will in case of an emergency.
Emergency cash
Earlier we said cash should not be stored in a home safe, but you need emergency cash. A home safe offers you a great place to store your emergency cash, but avoid keeping large sums there.
Sentimental treasure
We all have things that we value. These things don’t necessarily need to have monetary value, but they are valuable to you. Things like vintage letters and photographs can do in a home safe.
Things not to keep in a home safe
Any document or papers that are not usually needed
Any paperwork that you don’t need more often needs to be kept somewhere safe like your bank safe. Car titles, log book and birth or marriage certificates fall under this category.
Expensive jewelry
A home safe is not a place to store your expensive jewelry. Also, any family heirlooms and other things will only make your home vulnerable to burglaries and theft. These things should always be kept away from home.
Sensitive data
If you own a company or you are in partnerships, avoiding keeping sensitive data about your business in your home safe. External hard drives and USB drives should be kept in place like a bank vault, far from anyone who wants to steal them.
Video and photo inventories of your house
If you have a picture of your home or videos, store them in a bank box far away from your home. These are some of the things you need in case of insurance claimed is anything happens to your home.