Lock Installation in Cedar Creek - South Austin LocksmithSecuring your South Austin home is one aspect you should never joke with most especially when it comes to safeguarding your properties against burglar attacks. After successfully speaking about how to make our windows burglar proof it is also important that we examine some ways we can make our doors become burglar proof after all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. An unsecured door is an invitation sign for burglars. Most of the home invaders prefer gaining forceful entries into a house through the doors and whenever they find these doors inadequately protected, they can easily move in and carry out their business.

So how can we make our doors more burglarproof in South Austin?

1. Install Solid Security

All exterior doors of your South Austin home should be made from kick-proof solid materials. If you are unable to purchase a solid door maybe due to cash constraints, you can as well purchase a door with a solid wood core. Installing these solid doors makes it practically impossible for the burglar to gain forceful entry into the house by simply kicking it.

2. Reinforce your doors:

By reinforcing the material used in the creation of your doors, you can also reduce the possibility of a successful burglar attack. This prevents a thief from bending the door over or lifting it with a car jack. The best examples of reinforced doors are the reinforced steel doors although they may cost more to maintain.

3. Go Windowless

While door windows perform their function of allowing light filter into your entranceway, they may send signals to burglars. While installing a door, we suggest you go for ones without windows and if you are really into doors with windows, you can at least install those whose windows are not situated anywhere near the locks. To make these door windows resistant to smashing, you can use reinforced glasses and also keep them far away from the locks.

4. Install a Deadbolt

In  another article we discussed the fact that deadbolt locks are the best when it comes to home security. The strength of a door lies in its lock. To make our doors burglarproof we highly recommend you install a deadbolt key of the highest quality you can afford.

5. Install secondary Protection

This comes in the form of a one-sided secondary protection deadbolt. They come in handy when you are inside the house. They are used to engage the locks from inside. These are the best burglarproof security when you are fast asleep.

6. Securing the Sliding Doors

A lot of burglars may see a sliding door as an invitation but with the right tweaking, you can make these doors as secured as possible. To make these sliding doors as secure as possible, you can make use of reinforced plastic or glass and always keep the doors locked at all times.

7. Install door alarms

Door alarms come in different categories from the simplest door alarms to the smart alarms which makes use of top-notch technology to provide your home with the best security systems.


“Your door is as good as its lock.” Keep the doors on your South Austin home locked or reinforced so as to keep the burglars out.